Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Miraculous Experience With Mata Amritanandamayi

Many of us may not believe in miracles. But here is one that made us believe miracles do happen. One day, we saw a tv flash add saying that Mata Amritanandamayi was in Bangalore and she was going to be there for a day for her followers to meet her. For quite some time we have been hearing about her, so thought of having her darshan. We knew that there would be rush and it might not be possible to meet her. However the thought of being able to see her at least from a distance gave us all the excitement required to give it a try.

Next day we set off at 10am, and reached her ashram in Bangalore at 12. We had quite a tough time finding her Ashram. Once we reached there, we saw many cars and buses parked and a lot more people than we had initially though. We entered the ashram and saw Amma from a distance singing bajans. Our very first This felt good. But we wanted to meet her in person and get her motherly hug which is so famous across the globe. We asked a lady and fortunately she turned out to be a volunteer in the Ashram. She mentioned that people have been waiting from morning 4 and have alredy taken darshan tokens.  'Token'?, we were astonished. She continued, 'yes..token' and those have already been given away. We were very disappointed to know that we did not have any option to meet Amma, just because we did not know about the tokens being given from 4am.

Just when we thought there was no other option but to turn back and go home, the lady volanteer said, "okay let me check with my husband". She checked with her husband and gave us the tokens she and her husband had. And we were like, Wow..and my husband thought, should we pay them something in return? But they said "that's okay, we had darshan many times before and we could still go and meet her tomorrow. You had come all the way and it is not fair to have you to go back without darshan". We were not really keen on meeting her but all came in favor of us.  Something kept pushing us towards a darshan of Amma.

We moved to the seating area and got ourselves a place to sit down. We were all involved in what Amma was saying and her bajans.  Probably one of the best bajans that I have listened to. While the bajans were going on, volunteers came and asked for white colored tokens. My husband had the white one and i had the pink one. He returned the white one and got another token (the actual darshan token). I did not get it. We were informed that only the people with white colored coupon would get the actual darshan coupon. I was like, okay atleast he could have near her. But he said, 'Either we both will have darshan or neither of us will'. We decided to move to the front rows so that we could have a look at Amma from a much shorter distance. While my husband was busy trying to get me a darshan token, I sat down in the front row next to a lady. She started talking to me and asked for my name, my location in Bangalore, did I come alone etc. I introduced myself and mentioned that I had come with my husband. I explained to her what had happened. She told me to call my hubby back since she had two darshan tokens with her and was very happy to give one of those to me.

I was completely shocked and taken by surprise. First of all, we never even thought that we would get a chance to meet Amma and out of nowhere this news came up in tv that she was in Bangalore and we decided to go to meet her. We went there, but there was no way that we could have darshan without tokens. The volunteer lady gave us the tokens. Even after that when it turned out that only one person could have darshan, we were completely disappointed. And now.. unknowingly, we sat next to this lady who had extra token and she was willing to share the extra token with us. For us, that was something out of this world. We could see and feel the miracles happening around us. Every time something blocked our path, a miracle happened and the obstacle was removed. For a person coming to meet Amma for the first time, these hapenings were a sign of absolute miracle.

My husband came back and , he said that there was nothing that he could do. But i smiled and said what had happened. He was wow'ed. So finally, we got into the darshan queue along with the lady who had offered one of her tokens to me. The lady said she has been a devotee of Amma for a long time and said lot of stories about Amma. Atlast we reached near Amma, and we could feel some kind of divine positive energy all over. We got a chance to hug her and to know the unconditional love of Amma. Two people wanted to see Amma from far but Amma gave us a chance to hug her. I wouldn't call this a devotional, wonderful or thrilling experience, but a miraculous experience.


  1. Indeed, when you ardently desire to have darshan Amma always grants one! Well done.

  2. Yes Saras, I agree, 100%...Thanks and Keep visiting..

  3. Now only i saw this one.. Hay Come on da... Just believe in God..Not in Human Gods..She's something like a corporate Brand, as i thnk..Thts it... U knew na wht happened there in KOCHI Amrita Medical College..?? So its better 2 worship our own AMMA than......

  4. i had an experience like this.
    a big mole (almost 1.5 cm diameter) was seen on my husbands back and it was spreading too. after reading in net, we found that it had all the symptoms of skin cancer. we became really tensed after reading it. we were very young and our second daughter was just born. we both went to consult skin doctor of amritha hospital, he told us to do biopsy.there, infront of operation theater i saw amma photo. even though i had no hope of a negative result after biopsy i prayed a lot for getting a negative result. the doctor's expression was also worrying me. because even tough doctor didnt tell anything, he was almost sure about the result. so i prayed like anything by looking at amma photo which is placed outside the operation theater ... then when the result came it was negative. i still dont have words to express my joy of that moment. when we went to doctor with result, even he couldnt believe it.....
    so i really feel she is having some power.... we can not blame amma for what her followers are doing....she is doing lot of social services her hospital also lot of concession are giving to poor people. we have to admit it. in this type of selfish society when a person is doing some service, even if we dont praise them, pls at least dont criticize..

  5. hi i had a great experience with amma...

  6. I had a very powerful experience the first time I met Amma.Many people who criticize Amma..have never met her.They simply use their critical.minds to judge. If she.was not an avatar..and simply some person who wants to make money...why the heck would she travel and do Darshan for many many hours?..she could just stay home and never do any sort of work ever again.She is a very high spiritual master at the minimum.