Saturday, 8 October 2011

Power of Truth

Many a times I had lied as a kid and as a grown up and every time I ended up getting caught. I'm sure, most of you would have ended up in the same or similar situations. All that while I did not understand what truth was. To most of us, truth is correct information being passed on without any information being falsified for unlawful benefit.

The way I look at it, truth is the oppurtunity to present yourself in front of god and be able to disclose honest information such that the ones who beleive in you and your own believes are not hurt.
More than anything, when you lie.. you inevitably end up hurting someone who loves you. I've decided to be honest with myself and my loved ones so that the eternal harmony of life is not affected.

Truth could be painful at times, but could bring a lot of joy to your near ones when they realize that you are being honest with them.

You don't need a new year resolution for this.. just decide to be honest with your loved ones. Would you like them to lie to you?.. I'm sure you don't.. so just don't lie to them either.

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  1. I just want to say that to know about the truth read Gandhij's book "My Experiments with Truth: An Autobiography, M K Gandhi".....