Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nemo - The Hero

We’ve started enjoying the life with our pet fish, Nemo. Nemo is actually our first pet. A dog was the only choice of pet that we had ever thought of. Honestly, we thought a dog could make a big difference in our life. But then, in 2 weeks’ time, this little fish has started changing our life for good… It is so nice to look at it and its activities. Believe me… it is actually a real tension reliever… J
These days we have noticed that Nemo plays tricks to grab our attention. It swims fast, it tries to make splashing sounds, tries to jump out of the water (Lucky Nemo, we have a cover for the tank), tries to bite the tail of other fishes, especially the little sharks. Looks like he is doing all these to get our attention and thus get some extra food from us... He loves eating... I had never imagined that a fish could eat so much. I got to know from our friends that gold fish eat a lot and dirty the tank. Nemo eats more than any of the other fishes in the tank. Guess, he was born hungry J.
We have got two more gold fish for his company. They are little tinier than Nemo... so he is like a hero for them, actually he plays one...hmm…the tiniest fish always likes tail gating Nemo, but Nemo never care for this and throws attitude on him as well. Poor little fish L. He thinks that he is the senior most in the tank and to prove this, he roams around, shakes the stones, goes near the plastic plant as if to check if everything is fine with the plant, goes near the oxygen pump and confirms if it is working properly, and if we tap on the aquarium and throw in some fish food, he makes sure that he reaches the top of the water level to get the food before anyone else. I guess he is trying to showcase that he is the boss (But actually food is where he loses all his pride) …..
We feel that these fishes may get bored of the same old fish food served every day. We actually want to give them different foods like rice, bread crumbs something of that sort for a change. But we think that their little stomach cannot digest these kinds of food (that’s our assumption, not sure about this).
Anyways we stopped eating fish after Nemo came into our life. J


  1. Really,i never think a fish as a pet,bt after reading urs,i too hav a desire to get a fish tank.

  2. Interesting post Divya,I luv watching fishes.It helps U to relax.Luv following Ur blog.

  3. The post was very enlightening. Never knew fishes were that good pets.