Saturday, 29 October 2011

Eye opener III - The god mother

This incident took place in a place near my house and this is a real life incident which happened in front of my eyes.
A person was honking his car horn like hell at a girl who was standing in front of his car. I was about 100 meters away from the actual spot and was surprised to see this girl standing in the middle of the road. In fact, a few bystanders were also staring at what was happening. It really looked like this girl was trying to get herself killed. The person in the car kept honking. Some of the bystanders who were nearer to the scene even started laughing at what was happening. As I neared the scene, I could see a stick in her hand and in an instance realized what was happening. The girl was blind and she was trying to cross the road.  An old lady (bystander) asked her grandchild to help the blind girl. The grand child was little hesitant. I guess that was because the blind girl looked untidy. Anyways, the old lady was adamant and she forced her grandchild to help her. While the blind girl was being helped, the old lady who could hardly walk on her own held on a telephone post. Once the blind child crossed the road, all the gentlemen who had gathered to watch dispersed. The person in the car, who seemingly was in a great hurry, also left the place.
I don’t understand what to say after seeing all this. The person in the car did not want to wait for a few extra seconds so that the little blind girl could cross the road. I guess if none was watching, this person would have run over the girl. I still wonder about those gentlemen who had gathered around, laughing and were least bothered to help. What was so funny there? What was there to laugh about? A blind girl struggling to cross the road. Was that so funny?
The old lady was a real hero. A true inspiration, especially for the younger generation. Actually I felt like going and hugging the old lady. God bless that mother. But in my view she herself is a god.


  1. True. Many of us have lost the goodness in us because of the fast paced life. We should all learn from this incident. We should not loose our goodness for any reason. This is what makes us humans.

  2. I read your 'EYE OPENER' series and feel that you have the 'eye' to see around and a mind to 'feel'the wrongs we as a society doing. Writers/bloggers have this social responsibility to bring out the 'ills' of our society.Keep it up.

  3. disheartening! & how callous of that man behind the wheels. he could "see" right? couldn't he have helped here instead of honking or at least waited for her to pass slowly very callous

    and yes, god bless the old woman

  4. beautiful.... thanks for sharing....