Thursday, 29 March 2012

Small Change-Big Difference !!!!

Yes!! It’s high time for us to change.. The mentality of our society, the mentality of our government and the mentality of the entire human race.

But then the question is.. Whose mentality should change? Changing religious leader’s mentality towards other’s religion? One countries mentality towards another? Men’s mentality towards women? Rich people’s mentality towards the poor? Politicians mentality towards common man? Or just our mentality towards ourselves.

If you ask me.. I think the first change that needs to happen is changing our own mentality towards other humans. In today’s world, everything that we do can and does affect others. A few weeks back I shouted at a colleague for no major reasons. That evening, I saw her shouting at another colleague and disturbing the work environment. A couple of day’s back I smiled at the same colleague and praised her for the great job she did on a project. The same day I happened to see her smiling at others like never before and encouraging everyone in the team. What a change in the person? Suddenly, there was a positive vibe in the air. Wow.. If a simple smile and praise from me could change the environment in my office, imagine what would happen if each one of us changed ourselves for the good of others. There would be so much of positive vibe in the air that all negative vibes and ill feelings will take a long trip to Mars.

Imagine if each one of us changed to be better humans.

There would be no religious leaders because we would all consider other’s religion as the same as our own. Doesn’t Gita, Quran and Bible all talk about respecting all human beings as the same. And even if there were religious leaders, they would be praising each other’s religion and requesting all humans to accept the best of all religions.

All countries will be helping each other in a mutually agreed socioeconomic growth. There would be no war and absolutely no need for nuclear weapons. In fact the elements used in nuclear weapons could be used to create energy for the globe. No more fights for Oil and no more fights for land. No more visas and no more entry restrictions.

Women will be living in a much safer place. All will respect her as a 1st choice of god. God creates life on this planet. He chooses only a women to bear the life.. Because he sees the sensitivity of a women as the right place to hold a life. All women across the world would have equal rights. All women will be considered as someone’s mother, sister or daughter and would be treated with respect.

The poor would never have any remorse for being born poor. The rich would be willing to give away some of his wealth for the uplift of the poor. More than all, Rich and the Poor will be friends. Never heard that happening until a year back I met Raj and Govind. Raj belongs to a business class family. Govind is a street dweller. But they are the best friends I had known. While Govind teaches Raj about the thought times of life and how to handle them with ease, Raj is helping Govind setup a departmental store of his own. 2 guys from different parts of life together just because they saw an opportunity to change their lives and in turn changing others life as well for good.

There would not be any corrupt politician. In fact all politicians irrespective of their party would be working towards the good of a common man. I really don’t know what corrupt politicians are getting (other than money of course) by cheating the same old common man who elected him. It is time for them to change or be changed.

While all of them change, I think it’s time for each of us to change as well. As a part of changing ourselves, let’s all do some of the below tasks on a daily basis. I’m confident that this could make a huge difference to us and all around us.

    1)      Smile

    2)      Love others

    3)      Greet one another

   4)      Feed a hungry person

   5)      Provide water for the thirsty

   6)      Remove an obstacle

   7)      Have mercy on children

   8)      Be kind to your parents

   9)      Forgive

   10)   Be patient

   11)   Br grateful

There could be many more good deeds that we can do every day as a part of changing ourselves. Point to be noted is.. When 100 people around us start seeing us doing good deeds and trying to make a difference, at least 10 will follow suit. From these 10 another 100 and then 1000 will follow. Soon the whole world would be changed and become a better place. Remember – Change is the only hope for the generations to come. It may soon be too late if we don’t start the change now.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


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As someone rightly said, childhood is the world of miracles and magic. It definitely was a world of magic for me. Though it was limited to a few streets, it was still a beautiful and sweet world filled with wonders. For my innocent soul, everything around me seemed to be a wonder. The beautiful butterflies, colorful rainbow, the green parrots, the hopping squirrels, pieces of bangles, those shapeless stones, the broken pieces of balloons and the doodlebug which doodled and left behind spiraling trails were absolute wonders :)

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Many a times I had run behind birds like crazy in the hope that I could catch them one day :) Little did my innocent soul realize that I could not catch birds by running behind them :( I even had wild imaginations of getting a pet that would be my best friend and talk to me. Keeping this in mind, I tried a lot to build friendship with birds, cats, dogs and even cows.

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Those days, on the way to school there were lot of excitements. Running for those ripe mangoes and gooseberries when they fell and telling stories to each and everything which I came across on my way to school. There were days when I reached late to school because of this. The paddy fields, those ponds, those tiny fishes in it, trees and flowers and what not, everyone had stories to share. How could we reach school on time then? :)

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But the most rememberable of all memories is the moon lit nights and the rainy days. Those days when my grandma used to feed me saying that if I have my food, then uncle moon would come down to play with me. WOW. It was such a pleasure to think about playing with snow white moon :)

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I was all excited to go to school on rainy days. Those colorful umbrellas and splashing in rain puddles while on the way to school and the return.  WOW. Goose bumps :)… We used to make paper boats and drop ants into it, as if they were sailors and drop them in the puddles. Those days would never come back :(...But I wish I could go back to those days.

And yes of course my grandpa used to teach me lot of rhymes and short stories. He was the one who taught me alphabets and days of week, and months. When I was a kid, he had the practice of taking me to the pooja room and applying sandal paste on my forehead right after bath. Today, when I think about it, I feel the coolness and aroma of fresh sandal all around me. How can I forget those festive days, the temple, the music and the bajans. I remember my grand pa taking me to the temple, sitting with other devotees and singing bajans. Honestly, a world of difference when compared to the current hustle and bustle filled life. Many a times I used to doze off during the bajans and my grandpa used to pick me up in his arms and bring me back home...I can still feel his arms around me as I am writing this...grandpa...I miss u...In fact I miss my entire childhood days....

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sparky Rocks!!!!

I'm choo chweet :) ...  

It's Nappy Time :)

Don't flash me...

Yikes.. Same old food.. Need something new.. How abt some chicken.. haan?
I'm fasting for the right of puppies. No eating till I get some chicken...

I have another side to my face.. Sparky The Terror...

Yeah right.. Don't stare at me. Go to your own bed...
No kidding.. That's as flat as I can get...

Hey.. Either you let me sit there or I'll rip it apart...

The moon light shines on me...

OMG.. Where's my head?
Yeah..What?.. I can sleep on all sides.
Sleeping kung-fu...
Look at my chest. Man.. I'm growing muscles...


Ok.. now who wants it first.. I mean the bite :)

Nappy Time Again :)

Hands up while I'm down :)

Me Again - The Darker side

What now?

told na? I can sleep on all sides...

What did you wake me up for?

My Golden days..

Going back to Nappy Time :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Its meee...

Let me introduce myself to you. I am sparky. I am 40 days old now. Yesterday was the scheduled day for my first doze of vaccination. It really hurts. But I am happy because my master is happy. He was concerned about the after effects of vaccination. He was telling his wife yesterday that I might suffer from slight fever after the doze. But to his surprise nothing happened and I seemed pretty well. But the fact is, if I become dull, I know that he would call that vet again and he would give me another dose. Hmm… to avoid all these mess I had to be happy. Now, this is a letter which I wrote to my master.  
Hi Ranju,
Since I get a lot of free time during the day, I thought of writing a letter. Well, Your wife is scared of me when I try to nibble her. Just tell her that it is my way of expressing love by licking and nibbling the legs and chewing the shoes. But I never hurt her. So please be friendly with me lady... Whenever I try going near her, she runs away from me. Why so? I like her so much. She gives me food (even though it’s the same boring pedigree and Cerelac). I could not eat pedigree as such, as it is a bit hard for my little teeth to chew. I like Cerelac better than pedigree.  She understood this. So she started powdering the pedigree and now she mixes this powder with the Cerelac. I appreciate that. J
I really want to tell you something; she eats chicken, ice cream, cake and chocolates and tells me that all these are bad for puppies. Do you think she is fair?  I don’t think so. So do you know what I do in return, I just go near and try to chase her. I am so excited to do this. But whatever said and done, I love her too.
But it is really boring when you go to office. I wait for you to come home. You are the only one who plays with me. I like all the games we play. You have promised  to take me for long walks after my 2nd vaccination which is due in February. You said it is for Rabies. I am waiting for that day. At least after that, I can go out for walks.
Meee with my toys
It seems your neighbor has a cat. You know, that guy used to peep in through the windows. Yesterday I saw him and barked at him. He got really scared. He rushed out and ran away with his tail lifted. That was so funny to see. I laughed a looot.
It’s sooo boring waiting for you. So I decided to take lengthy naps during the day time. Otherwise I don’t have any other way to spend time. Whenever I do something, your wife would come and tell me “no sparky, no”. She doesn’t allow me to chew your old shoes, carpets, mats, not even the old newspapers. Hmm... Every time “no sparky…no”. I am fed up. One day she was telling you to teach me discipline. But I liked your reply. You said, he is so young and he is here without his mom and litters. Let him grow little more and then we will start teaching him. You are really a sensible personJ. That’s why I like you soooo… much. Now I have a small question for your wife. Tell her to show at least one person, who does not have egos, who is trustworthy, and who doesn’t spread rumors, who is not greedy, jealous, and above all loyal to others. Or at least a person who will be there for you in his good and bad times, alike.  I know this would be a big NO. Anyways I am like that. This is my word from heart.  By the way, I liked the crate u have made for me. It is so comfortable. But please don’t expect me to stay there always. It’s too hot inside the crate. So I like to take nap on the floor. So, hope you get time to read this and understand me.
Looooooooots of love
Sparky J