Tuesday, 28 February 2012


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As someone rightly said, childhood is the world of miracles and magic. It definitely was a world of magic for me. Though it was limited to a few streets, it was still a beautiful and sweet world filled with wonders. For my innocent soul, everything around me seemed to be a wonder. The beautiful butterflies, colorful rainbow, the green parrots, the hopping squirrels, pieces of bangles, those shapeless stones, the broken pieces of balloons and the doodlebug which doodled and left behind spiraling trails were absolute wonders :)

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Many a times I had run behind birds like crazy in the hope that I could catch them one day :) Little did my innocent soul realize that I could not catch birds by running behind them :( I even had wild imaginations of getting a pet that would be my best friend and talk to me. Keeping this in mind, I tried a lot to build friendship with birds, cats, dogs and even cows.

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Those days, on the way to school there were lot of excitements. Running for those ripe mangoes and gooseberries when they fell and telling stories to each and everything which I came across on my way to school. There were days when I reached late to school because of this. The paddy fields, those ponds, those tiny fishes in it, trees and flowers and what not, everyone had stories to share. How could we reach school on time then? :)

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But the most rememberable of all memories is the moon lit nights and the rainy days. Those days when my grandma used to feed me saying that if I have my food, then uncle moon would come down to play with me. WOW. It was such a pleasure to think about playing with snow white moon :)

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I was all excited to go to school on rainy days. Those colorful umbrellas and splashing in rain puddles while on the way to school and the return.  WOW. Goose bumps :)… We used to make paper boats and drop ants into it, as if they were sailors and drop them in the puddles. Those days would never come back :(...But I wish I could go back to those days.

And yes of course my grandpa used to teach me lot of rhymes and short stories. He was the one who taught me alphabets and days of week, and months. When I was a kid, he had the practice of taking me to the pooja room and applying sandal paste on my forehead right after bath. Today, when I think about it, I feel the coolness and aroma of fresh sandal all around me. How can I forget those festive days, the temple, the music and the bajans. I remember my grand pa taking me to the temple, sitting with other devotees and singing bajans. Honestly, a world of difference when compared to the current hustle and bustle filled life. Many a times I used to doze off during the bajans and my grandpa used to pick me up in his arms and bring me back home...I can still feel his arms around me as I am writing this...grandpa...I miss u...In fact I miss my entire childhood days....

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