Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pet Craze !!!

Today I am here with a very interesting topic, which is about my cute neighbors.  Well, not about my actual neighbors, but their dogs.  Our neighbor’s balcony (neighboring apartment) is visible from ours and is always filled with a variety of dogs.
Most of my time at home goes looking at these dogs playing with each other. I’m sure you  can understand 1 or 2 dogs.. but imagine almost 6 of them at any given time.
Not that my neighbor has these as his pets.. he runs a pet shop. Dogs are just the ones that I see in their balcony. But I’ve heard that they sell rare birds as well. Not sure where they get it from though.
I would prefer talking about the dogs as those are the ones that I see and those are the ones that I like as pets. My apartment association does not allow pet animals. Hence I’ve not been able to get a dog for myself even though I have a strong desire to make one of those as my best companion. 
The way they interact with their owner, the kind of love and intimacy they show to him is amazing. They probably do not know that one day their owner is going to sell them.  Anyways I don’t  have to discuss in detail about this, as this is his business. But the intelligence, the affection and the loyalty that dogs show towards their owner is remarkable.
Following are the breeds that I would like to have as a pet.
Alsatian or German shepherd:  It’s a very good guard as well as loyal in nature. It’s a nice breed and gets along with the family well.

Labrador: My personal fav. Minimal barking, but very affectionate and a true family dog.

Boxer:  Very good security for home. Easy to look after and handle. Widely used for security purpose.

Dalmatian: This breed is also a good guard. They are prone to diseases like skin allergies. This one is suggested for city life.

Doberman:  This breed is considered to be an excellent guard and is easily trainable.

Rottweiler: An alert guard. Not good for apartments. Not that easy to train.

Great dane: Good family dog. Easy to maintain and train.

Pug: Cute but not easy to maintain. They are not aggressive also.

Hopefully someday, I will move to a different home and if things work out, get one from each of these breeds for myself.


  1. Hi Divya,
    I am surprised as to how your apartment association does not allow pet dogs. You must get a dog - if you are moving to a bungalow and have time to look after your pet - get a Doberman girl. In my experience a Doberman is the best dog to have as a pet.

  2. Yeah I agree with Vikram.Anyways all the pictures are so lovely.

  3. I dont understand but our apartment association is very strict about dogs :(

  4. @ Hopefully someday, I will move to a different home and if things work out, get one from each of these breeds for myself.

    Add Pit Bull to this list