Monday, 17 October 2011

Nemo gets a new home

After seeing Nemo for a day in his own little world, it was evident to me that he was not happy and was missing being in the company of other fishes.

So, we went out to buy a bigger house for Nemo. We looked at a couple of stores and finally selected a bigger house and some friends for Nemo.

A bigger house, 2.5 feet long fish tank. The whole kit included a fish tank, a stand for the tank, an oxygen pump, a tank filter, a few mixed variety of fishes, a net to catch fishes, a box of fish food, an anti fungal agent, lots of gravel to replicate sea bed for the fishes, 2 plastic under water plants.

We had quite some trouble getting these home without breaking anything. But managed it. Once home, we setup the tank in about an hour. Till then we had to force all the fishes to share the small home that Nemo was living in.

Some basic things to remember while setting up a new tank are;

1) Clean the new tank with crystal salt water. This helps remove the smell of the new tank and any remnants of chemicals used while putting together the fish tank.

2) Before you put the gravel in the tank, clean it with water. (No chemicals to be used for cleaning the gravel) This will help make sure that the gravel is dust / chemical free when it goes into the tank.

3) Set the gravel into the tank bed. Do not throw them into the tank as they may crack the tank.

3) Fill 3/4 of the tank with water.

4) Buy a bottle of anti fungal drops and put 3 drops of it in the tank with water (without the fish). Wait for 30 minutes to transfer the fishes to the tank.

5) Fix the oxygen pump and the filter to the tank.

6) Place the tank on a stand. We purchased one that fits the tank well.

These are just basic steps to be taken while setting up a tank.

So back to Nemo, we set this tank up and let all the fishes be in this. There are now 7 in the place of 1. And Nemo seems to be very happy. He is now swimming around with his new friends. :)

Here are some photos of Nemo and his friends.


  1. Hi divya, first time here,ur blog is very interesting with awesome clicks.Ur version is simply superb.Glad to b ur follower now.Hav some time in my space too.

  2. Congratulations on your new fish tank and new friends for Nemo.

    Helpful and informative post.

  3. ooh the big fish ?? looks dangerous... take care of nemo...

    PS : Nice blog