Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fear of failure

Many a times in my life, I have asked myself "What is failure?". Seldom did I realize that every time I did a mistake while I was in school, I was failing my teacher. Every time, I disappointed my dad, I was failing him. Every time I did something that hurt my partner, I was failing myself. So after lot of thoughts, I realize that failure is a part of our life and that we are nothing without failure.

Some say, talking about failure shows the negative aspect of a person. I would not agree. To me not talking about failure is because we are scared of it. We are scared of failure, something that we have crossed across so many times in our lives.

According to Wiki "Failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success." To me failure is life.

When you are a child(about 1 year old), you try to stand up and fall. You fail and again fail and again fail, till you learn to stand up straight and walk. One such person is Lightning Bolt. He may have failed many a times as a kid, but learn to live with the failure and grow beyond it.

In short, failure is what we all go through most of the times in our life to become successful. So we should stop fearing it and learn to live through it. Time for you to decide.. :)


  1. I read sumwhere that failure is work in progress for success......:-D Good post...keep posting..

  2. There are no failures, only stepping stones to success!

  3. Well said. If there were no failures, how can we appreciate success? Many a time it acts as a positive force that impels us towards success.

  4. Nice thoughts. As someone said, Failures are the stepping stones to success!!

  5. try try try till u succeed ...nice 1