Saturday, 15 October 2011

Eye Opener-II

I am here with a news which shook me totally and would like to share that with you. A person has been killed for no reason. "No reason", this should be highlighted, since the blame against him has not been proven yet.

This guy was travelling in a bus and somebody pickpocketed his co-passenger's money, which was around Rs10000. The person who lost his money and his pals found money with this guy and started beating him brutally since he was having money with him and this ended up in his death.

His relatives claimed that he got money from a bank after pledging his ring. They could even produce the evidence from the bank.  So only because of a mere doubt he was forced to let go of dear life and for no reason he had been declared as a  "theif". He died before he could prove his innocence. His poor soul may be trying to shout aloud that he was not a thief. The actual thief may be sitting and relaxing at his home. Fate!!!!  How many innocent souls are we going to take just because of our whims and fancies?

God, you too are unresponsive now a days????

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