Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Have any of you got angry anytime? I'm sure everyone does. I have… many a times.

But as I think about the times when I had got angry, I realize that most of the times I got angry for no real reason. I remember my dad telling me when I was young, that it is when one grows old that his boiling blood starts to cool down. As I grew older, I realized that he was correct.

When a person is in his/her adolescence, his/her blood boils. He/she gets angry for no real reason... Fact is, he/she has many people who he/she can be angry with... Friends, family, neighbor and others person and does not care much about hurting their feelings.

As the person grows, the people he/she can get angry at become limited but the level of anger increases.

As he/she becomes a matured person, over 30... The boiling blood begins to cool down and now the person takes a deep breath before getting angry at anyone or anything. The person learns to see the pros and cons of getting angry about a situation.

With my personal experience, I have learnt to get less angry over a period of time after I got married. The secret is… the feeling that someone is dependent on me and I am dependent on this special person in my life.

When you understand this, you start falling in love with the other person. Once you are in love with this person, you obviously do not want to hurt him/her. So you start practicing being patient with your partner. Slowly the practice changes directions and you start being patient with everyone.

In a few years you become matured to be patient for everything. Even the worst situation would not aggravate you till your cool mind tells you to do so.

The realization of this at an early age would reduce the amount of anger that we currently posses. Love everyone around you as human beings, respect them for what they are and start seeing only the good things in everyone. Most of all... never do anything that will hurt anyone. By doing this, you end up being named as a nice person, you have peace of mind as you do not get angry anymore and you become matured at a young age.


  1. Hey Divya,

    I think you are not professional writer but you written so beautifully....I like your write-up and love your topic choose about anger. I agree with you every people more or less become angry on someone.....

    You know what....anger is harm to our body but one more thing I would like to commit that we anger on the people to whom we love most also....more often....every people become angry but the reaction is different on other side.....

    thats true na?

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  2. Nice write up... And very true too...

  3. I agree that the boliling blood starts cooling down ... sure! very nice read ...

  4. Besides, anger is an antithesis to the statement "Think before you leap". We may say things that we'd wish we wouldn't have said. Very well written, your points are really really valid, kudos :D :D

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