Monday, 10 October 2011

An eye opener

The cost of a human life is 27 Rupees(50 cents)? This thought has been haunting me since I read a news about the murder of a toll plaza attendant. Was his life worth only 27 Rupees? Absolutely not. He was the only hope of a family of five. The only earning member of a poor family. I read in the newspaper that his siblings are mentally and physically challenged. His family doesn't have any other source of income now to survive. His mother says, "Our son used to help us a lot. He had opened an account for us and used to send us money.  I, my husband and my physically and mentally challenged sons would survive on that. Now that he has, gone our source for survival too has gone," she said, sitting in a corner of her house, holding his photograph close to her. (Courtesy: These lines made me to write this post and think more about it.

What happened to us, humans? Where have our humanity gone?  No sense or nonsense? People have turned out to be beasts? No hearts anywhere.

It seems this murderer was drunk and his sudden reaction, emotion and anger made him to kill a poor guy and ruin his family’s only hope for survival. What is he? A moron? He had money to drink, money to buy a gun, money to buy bullets.. but no money to pay for toll.

While anger is understandable, it should not rule us. We, humans should learn to rule anger…not only anger, all emotions.

Look at this guy, the murderer, the moron, the nut case who killed a young boy for 27 Rupees. Can this guy return the lost son to his mother for 27 rupees? Can he ease the sorrow of loss for this family?


  1. That was touching and let it be a real eye opener for every 1 who reads it..let's practice the "Mantra" of patience ..Don't know how good I am at ruling emotions..

  2. Humanity has disappeared. For Re1!

  3. In the current era Humanity is disappeared......agree with that but there are so less people who always ready to help others but problem is that the problems are more than that kind of people.....