Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ezhimala - Hanuman swamy statue

A few months back, I got an oppurtunity to see Asia's tallest statue of Hanuman swamy. This is in a place called Ezhimala (ezhumala,Translated as Seven hills) in Ramanthali near Payyanur, Kerala.

Hanuman swamy is beleived to be a follower of Lord Rama. During the times of Ramayana, when Hanuman was carrying the Dunagiri mountain which had the Mrithasanjeevani herbs to Lanka, a piece of the mountain fell down in the location which is now called as Ezhumala. This piece broke into 7 pieces on impact with mother earth. Today, these 7 pieces (hills) together are called as Ezhumala. Ezhu refers to 7 in the native language (malayalam).

It is beleived that Hanuman swamy still resides in the Ezhumala mountains. And hence a temple was built for him at this location. The statue of Hanuman swamy is huge and gives a realistic view of swamy with his gatha (weapon).

The temple is about 286 meters above sea level. Reaching there would require a drive of about 45 minutes from Payyanur. Though the first half of the stretch is easy, the second half of the drive is a little tedious. But the scenic beauty as you reach the top of the hill is worth the effort. Above this, the sight of the statue of Hanuman swamy adds joy in our hearts.

I've been to this place a few times now and enjoy my every visit to this holy place.


  1. This is nice. Did not know that Ezhimala was abode of lord Hanuman. I know of a naval academy in that place.

  2. Many people dont kno abt this beautiful place near to us. U did right by posting this......nice....

  3. Nice Posting with the pictures of Lord Hanuman.From the title I mistook that you are writing about Tirupathi which is popularly known as Ezhumala. After reading the article I came to know that there is another Ezhumala in Kerala.

  4. Thanks Saibaba ji. Indeed there is a Ezhumala in Kerala.

  5. Hello Divya.
    I had been living in Kannur around 28 years and (sadly) never heard of the place. But we found it by pure chance today. My wife and I were driving from Trikaripur to Kannur and we thought we will take the Ezhimala route. Just stopped in the the Academy, but it was too big for a simple visit.
    On the route to Kannur from there, we saw this sign and decided to visit and we experienced the same feeling and sentiments you expressed.

  6. Hello Divya
    There is also another interpretation of the name. Ezhimala was originally known as Eli Mala (Rat hill) which was supposed to be seat of the kings of the Mooshika dynasty. Mooshika (as you know) is rat - Mooshika Vahana in Lord Ganesha whose vahana or vehicle is a rat. Hope this helps

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