Sunday, 2 October 2011

Glass Painting

Glass painting! Ever heard of this term before? I did a few years back and thought this is not my cup of tea. A few months back I decided to give it a try. I googled about glass painting and got some basic idea and steps to move forward with glass painting. With the idea in place, what I needed next was the finance and equipment to try it. Did some research on that and came to know that we just need the glass paints (a variety of colors are available in the market both opaque and transparent), an outliner, glass, frames (if you want it to be framed) and the glass painting designs. 

All these are available in stores, especially the ones involved in paintings and framing. Additionally you may want to buy a brush because you can use that as well to paint on the glass. Since these were not very expensive and was about 500 rupees (11 USD) in all, I did not have much trouble in getting my husband to finance it. So then I started glass painting.

Method (Basics):
  • Clean the glass thoroughly using any glass cleaner. 
  • Place the design under the glass and mark the outlines using the out-liner on the glass. 
  • Now you can start applying the paint.
  • Avoid the formation of bubbles, in case of formation, burst it with needle. 
  • After application leave it to dry. This is about it.

As I am also a beginner, I know only the basics. I will come up with more techniques about glass paintings as soon as I learn some more of it.

Here are some more of my glass paintings.


  1. i did something similar a few years back for my drawing class project..i thoroughly enjoyed glass painting!

  2. Nice one. I should try that out soon.

  3. Lately I've been into art. After nail art, now I'm looking for some easy glass painting designs and patterns that I can start off with. Thanks for giving me some ideas. ;-)

  4. Wow, that's pretty nice and neat. I've been to art lately and I'm trying to find some easy glass painting designs that I can try as beginner. Thanks for sharing ideas.

    Cheers xxxx