Friday, 30 September 2011

My Life...

There are always some questions which came and settled down on my head long before, like: What might have God thought by giving all human beings a life of only 60-90 years? Just to make money? To get education? To give birth to next generation? To eat? To drink? Chill out? To worry? To be diseased? To just spent time doing nothing, or to be in all these phases? I really don't know. Some get a life which is filled with joy; chill always, some get a life with lot of money, some have a life filled with tension, poverty, disease, some are well educated and some are not. I always wonder why God does this? What would have been his intensions? Unknown!!! Spiritualists would talk about spirituality, to realize oneself and attain the ultimate.

Whatever it is I realize, God gave me a life to meet my mom, dad, sis and my husband. My Mom , she taught me to sacrifice in life. She sacrifices many things, right from the silly things to the precious for me, dad, and my sis. I have seen many a times that she doesn't take the curry or the fried item, whatever it is, and giving that to us, and she eating food without her favourite dish. You may think this as a quite natural thing that every mom does. But this is a small instance of her sacrifice. The way she used to sacrifice for her siblings, relatives and especially for her in-laws; we used to scold her left and right. Here by "we", I referred dad, my sis, me and my husband as he also love her as his own mother. My dad was affected by cerebral thrombosis. I truly believe that it is coz of my mom's prayers, care, treatement and her love that he got the strength to move out of a bed ridden life and walk around. It didn't take long for him to recover. And the kind of will power my dad has shown, was also a learning experience for me.
           I never had a habbit of turning the pages of anybody's personal diaries. ;) But once I happened to see my sister's personal diary. I came across a line , wherein she has written, she loves her sister more than anything in this world. What more can a sister expect? Recalling it today, after many years, still I am covered up with goose bumps.

How can I leave ranjith just like that, without mentioning about him?  He is a guy who loves his wife, oops "life" (he says, I am his 'life') more than anything . Hey, that's what I believe guys!!! :)
This is my life. It revolves around my mom, dad, sis and my hubby.

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