Friday, 30 September 2011

The Beginning!

It has been quite some time since I got a call from my friend. She called me for a casual talk and in between talked about starting a new blog, and gave me the confidence to start my own. She is a friend who is good at heart and always ready to help her friends. I agreed to her coz I saw an advantage for myself ; I can improve my writing skills. This is how I am here today.

I didn't realize then that scribbling down is a tough job, so I started to jot down. But nothing worked out. I understood that I should be creative, only then can I write nicely.I just googled the methods to become creative.Hah..It wasn't practical. Then I thought of giving a nice massage to my head in the hope that it would work out well. Sat on a chair and started doing a nice head massage. Buhha..still nothing happened; no creative ideas.To think creative means, think "out of the box". There after, I started trying to "think out of the box".Hmm..But my thoughts were very similar to what was inside the box, vaccum.That was also a flop.Then I decided to put some creative stuffs and put their snaps in the blog. There too i didn't succeed as I am neither a painter nor a 'handicrafts' person.So how to continue with a blog.No idea. Let's see!!!


  1. Seriously... don't strain your brain!Just let the words flow.

    Enjoyed reading the last paragraph, it is fresh and funny!

  2. Nothing to worry. Let us start on a fresh and latest topic,atsome point u vl get wht to do

  3. Blogging is never a tough task...
    If you think its hard, you can't work on it much...
    Keep it simple silly!

    village girl

  4. Thanks Kranthi and Thanks Roopz for your encouragings words..

  5. A good blog I can say....So your new follower