Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My friend !!!!

After a long gap I opened my blog today and I just felt like writing something in remembrance of an awesome lady whom I met 8 years back. We happened to meet a lot of people in life. But we tends to forget most of them if they are not worth a remembrance. But this good old friend of mine got tugged at some corner of my heart as she is not like other people whom we see around in our daily life.
   Before beginning about her I want to write about me ;) I would accuse myself of being lazy, egoistic, talkative, shopaholic :), sensitive, easy going, absent minded, confused, introvert, adamant, pessimistic, a bit jealous... the list goes on.:)
  Now, this friend of mine is a person who doesn't have any negative traits of these sort. Needless to say, her thoughts are positive and so her deeds. She still maintains contacts with all her friends. She calls them on their birthday. And when I mean friends it starts from the nursery level ...Coool...But she doesn't use Facebook as she doesn't want to sit long hours in front of it. Still she remembers the her friends birthdays as if it was her's. She goes for her friend's marriage just to wish them even without an invitation. Not at all egoistic :)
 She celebrates her birthday with kids of god (FYI: don't want to use the word orphans) . She dines with them and spends time with them. While working for an MNC, she manages to spare some time and money for the kids. She tries to rehabilitate the homeless. She is an active member of a charity organization. Respect. her for her deeds
She always advises me to be a non shopaholic person. In fact, she never spends money on bells and whistles. Of course she is stylish, but no extravagance on fashion. She is fond of yoga. Everyday she gets up early morning and practices yoga :). For her, yoga takes precedence over all other house hold activities.
Two days before I got a call from her saying that she started driving her own as husband is out of country to pursue his studies. She doesn't have previous driving experience but proud owner of a driver's licence. I told her to be careful as Bangalore is famous for heavy traffic. But inside my heart I said " You can do it buddy. You have proved it and made us proud many a times buddy."
 So now she is on her own living with her two labs. She doesn't want to bother her mom or dad. She says " let the old sweet hearts enjoy their retired 'romantic' life". It is difficult to stay alone in an apartment without anybody's help. .It is not an easy game to go for work as well as look after two big labs. But she can and she will. She is extremely confident and daring. I know, she is not like me or any of my friends. She is different and amazing. Salute. Hope I can be like her :)

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